PROTRUSS CC230 Kabelkanal

1000 x 45 x 250 mm, 2 kanaler (30x30mm)



PROTRUSS line extends its range of products regarding civil and professional safety, renewing and expanding CABLECROSS series with products for installation of cables in public areas subject to crossing of pedestrian and vehicular traffic.New models of the series, ranging from 1 to 5 channels, are designed and realized having handling and strength as target, allowing application in a wide range of environments. The whole series is made of high resistance polyurethane, resistant to oil, acids and petrol.Upgrades on mechanical components, as the multi-junction hinge and the recessed carry handle, assure fast installation and simplified maintenance.
Function and use:

  • Protection of cables and hose lines from damage due to crossing of constant vehicle traffic
  • Safety in working places
  • Safe crossing for constant pedestrian traffic
  • Aesthetics in working areas
  • Sorting and ordering during installation of cables
  • For environments subject to safety regulations

Heavy-duty crossover cable with 2 channels for the crossing up to 30mm of section.

  • Base: module built in semi-rigid high density foam polyurethane
  • Closing panel: yellow anti-slip polyethylene
  • Reflectors elements and safety symbols for an easy sighting and a safe crossing
  • Hinge joint  designed to set and remove quickly the lids
  • Side ramps with mild slope also for the crossing for small wheels, as strollers and wheelchairs
  • Base surface realized to obtain a maximum ground grip
  • Each unit is supplied with a comfortable and ergonomic handle for the transport, realized with relief
  • Modulation with dovetail joint system for a simplified installation and fast fixing
  • Practicals lanes for the sorting of each channel
  • Fire resistant properties, electrical isolation and resistant to acid and solvents


Basic material Rubber + polyurethane
Cover material Polyethylene + PVC
Global density 1350g/dm3
Protection IP30XC
Electrical safety According with 73/23/CE European directive
Fire resistance Class 1
Ground grip Base with reticular cavities
Static load Max 3100 kg over an area 24 x 24 cm
Weight 7,9 kg
Measures (WxHxD) 1000x45x250 mm
Raceways (WxHxD) 2 (1000x30x30)


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