Fazermaskin – Antari Z-350W


Om du ønsker maks visuell effekt av lyseffektene så må du bruke en Fazer. En fazer er en “røykmaskin” som blåser ut partikler som lysstrålene fra lyseffektene reflekteres i. Du kan sammenligne dette med hvordan solen lager regnbue i regnet, hvor regnet “er partiklene”.

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The adoption of the air pump technology not only enables the Z-350 to generate dry haze but also provides its heater with a self-cleaning function. The Z-350 comes with a larger tube of one diameter, which substantially reduces the risk of heater clogging.

An extremely low fluid consumption rate grants a full tank (1.3 liters) of the Z-350 to produce more than 7 hours of non-stop hazing at maximum output.

The new on-board DMX interface allows users smarter control of the Z-350: When a DMX signal is received, the machine powers up and starts heating up automatically. When the DMX signal is off, it automatically begins the self-cleaning process and then goes into “Sleep” mode.

The machine weighs only 8.7 kg. Being so light and compact allows the Z-350 to be transported and setup anywhere—whenever needed.

» Power:AC 100/120 V, 230/240 V, 50/60Hz
» Heater:AC100V – 520W , AC120V – 800W
AC220V – 600W , AC240V – 730W
» Output:3000 cu.ft/min
» Initial Heat-up Time:4 min.
» Fluid Consumption Rate:3 ml/min. (100 % output)
» Tank Capacity:1.3 Liters
» Optional Remote:Z-3 Remote
» Weight:8.7 kg
» Dimensions (mm):L 320 W 153 H 391
» Liquid Used:Antari FLG Liquid


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